Research Summaries
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Tim is an experienced engineer and programmer, turned biologist. He is currently working with GPU-accelerated computer models to integrate cellular growth, biophysics and genetics. Simple microbial systems can be genetically marked or reprogrammed, and followed by high-resolution microscopy to explore and validate cellular models.
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Fernan is a molecular geneticist, photographer and award-winning microscopist. He works with microbial and plant systems, and is an expert in high-throughput DNA circuit assembly and cellular imaging.
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PhD students
2002 Alex Navid
2002 Geraint Wynn Story
2002 Inge Skrumsager Møller
2005 Fernan Federici
2006 James Brown
2009 Paul J Steiner
2010 Tim Rudge
2010 Nuri Purswani
2012 Anton Kan
2012 Judy Savitskaya

Research Associates
Sarah Hodge
Marion Bauch
Adrienne Pate
Lihua Robertson

Postdoctoral workers
1995-1998 Dr. Kirby Siemering Australian Genome Research Facility, Melbourne, Australia.
1996-1999 Dr. Brian Ayre
University of North Texas, Denton, USA.
1996-1999 Dr. Uwe Kohler
Medigenomix, Munich, Germany.
1999-2004 Dr. Elisabeth Truernit
INRA Staff Scientist, Versailles, France.
2000-2002 Dr. Laurent Laplaze
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Montpellier, France.
2001-2002 Dr. Jennifer Clark
European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK.
2001-2003 Dr. John Runions
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.
2000-2003 Dr. Juliet Coates
Department of Biology, Birmingham, UK.
2000-2003 Dr. Smita Kurup
Rothamstead Research, Harpenden, UK.
2003-2004 Tim Rudge
Programmer and Financial Analyst, London City & PhD student, Cambridge.
2004-2006 Dr. Jonathan Mackenzie
Programmer, University of Cambridge, UK.
2005-2008 Dr. Lionel Dupuy
Scottish Crops Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland.
2006-2010 Dr. Justin Pachebat
Genome Facility, University of Aberystwyth
2010 - present Dr Fernan Federici
2010 - present Dr Michael Pedersen
2011-present Dr Paul Grant

Sabbatical visitors
Dr. Sue Bougourd, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of York, UK
Prof. Ralph Quatrano, Chairman, Department of Biology, University of Washington, Saint Louis, USA.
Prof. Jason Reed, Professor, Department of Biology, Chapel Hill, USA.
Prof. Maria Elena Zavala, Professor, Department of Biology, CSU, Northridge, USA.
Dr Foong Yee Than, University of Singapore, Singapore.
Prof. Zhi Gang Zhou, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China.