iGEM2009 project: E. chromi
The Cambridge iGEM2009 team created two kits of parts to facilitate the design and construction of biosensors in the the future.
These complement genetically engineered bacterial biosensors that enable bacteria to respond to novel inputs, especially biologically significant compounds. There is a need to also develop devices that can 1) manipulate input by changing the behaviour of the response of the input-sensitive promoter, and that can 2) report a response using clear, user-friendly outputs. The team successfully characterised a set of transcriptional systems for calibrated output - Sensitivity Tuners, and successfully expressed a spectrum of pigments in E. coli, designing a set of Colour Generators.

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iGEM 2009 Students
Michael Davies: Second year Engineering
Shuna Gould: Part II Pathology
Siming Ma: Part II Biochemistry
Vivian Mullin: Part II PDN
Megan Stanley: Part II Physics
Alan Walbridge: Second year Engineering
Crispian Wilson: Part II Genetics