Biology will never be the same. The remarkable scientific success of biology in describing, explaining, and manipulating natural systems is so well recognized as to be a cliche—but the engineering application of that scientific knowledge is just beginning. In the same way that electrical engineering grew from physics to become a separate discipline in the early part of the last century, we see the growth of a new engineering discipline: one oriented to the intentional design, modeling, construction, debugging, and testing of artificial living systems.
Tom Knight in "Engineering novel life" Mol. Sys. Biol. doi:10.1038/msb4100028 (2005)

A history of Synthetic Biology and green plant engineering through scientific reports

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2019: UKRI Infrastructure Roadmap. Progress Report
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2019: UKRI Infrastructure Road map. Initial analysis of landscape.
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2018: Growing the Bioeconomy. UK Government
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2019: Growing the Future. Royal Society of Biology and UK Plant Sciences Federation.
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2018: Emerging Risks Report. Lloyd's & Imperial College
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2018: Building the Business of Biodesign. Cambridge Consultants
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2018: Blocking the Chain. ETC.
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2018: Forcing the Farm. ETC
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2017: FAO Future of Food and Agriculture: Trends & challenges
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2017: Agrifood Atlas. Heinrich Boll Stiftung & FOE
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2017: Mega-Mergers. African Centre for Biodiversity
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2016: Trends in synthetic biology and gain of function and regulatory implications. Sackler Forum, Royal Society & National Academy of Sciences
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2016: Biodesign for the Bioeconomy: UK Synthetic Biology Strategic Plan. Synthetic Biology Leadership Council
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2016: Genetically engineered crops: experiences and prospects. US National Academy of Sciences
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2016: Practical laboratory skills for molecular biologists. BIS National Measurement System
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2016: Genome Editing. Nuffield Council on Bioethics
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2016: Think Synthetic Biology. Ontario Genomics.
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2016: Outsmarting Nature: Heinrich Boll Stiftung & ETC
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2015: Global assessment of biological engineering and manufacturing. World Technology Evaluation Centre
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2014: Synthetic Biology and Biosecurity. DSSHM & Kings College, London
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2014: Timeline for Synthetic Biology. Research Councils UK
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2014: Shaping our food. Misra Biotech
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2014: Synthetic Biology: opportunities for Scotland. Scottish Science Advisory Council
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2012: A Synthetic Biology roadmap for the UK. Technology Strategy Board
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2012: US National bioeconomy blueprint. The White House
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2011: E. chromi outreach brochure. Daisy Ginsberg & James King
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2010: A decade of EU-funded GMO research. European Commission
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2009: Synthetic Biology: scope, applications and implications. Royal Academy of Engineeering
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2009: Synthetic Biology: public dialogue on synthetic biology. Royal Academy of Engineeering
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2009: A new biology for the 21st century. US National Academies
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2008: Grand Challenges for Engineering. US National Academy of Engineering
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2008: Engineering Life: the emerging field of Synthetic Biology. Royal Society of Chemistry & Institute of Physics
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2008: Parliamentary Postnote 298 on Synthetic Biology. UK Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology
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2008: Synthetic Biology: risks and opportunities of an emerging field. International Risk Governance Council
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2005: DOE Genomics:GTL Roadmap. US Department of Energy
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2005: Synthetic Biology: applying engineering to biology. NEST Expert Group, European Commission
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2003: Synthetic Biology Study. DARPA sponsored study group
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1996: ISAT Summer Study: Cellular Computing. DARPA sponsored study group