Resources to support work with plant systems

This section of the website contains links to various local resources that we have developed. Hopefully some may be directly useful, others for survey or to trigger plant-inspired ideas.
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OpenPlant is a collaborative research initiative between the University of Cambridge, The John Innes Centre and the Earlham Institute. Our goal has been to develop open tools for the improvement of sustainable agriculture and conservation. Our activities include research and development, as well as outreach and exchange. The OpenPlant website contains information about:
OpenMTA, a novel materials transfer agreement to improve sharing of biomaterials, now adopted by Addgene.
Phytobrick standard for DNA parts tools and the Loop recursive assembly method.
Marchantia as a simple plant system for engineering.
Biotechnological applications of the new tools for metabolic engineering.
Interdisciplinary mini-projects.
Outreach activities to promote international collaborations.
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Photographs of diverse liverworts (and other features of their environments) from a Bryophyte Workshop across the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, from Jim Haseloff.
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Macro photographs of the small collection of liverworts held at the University Botanic Garden in Cambridge. Images taken by Jim Haseloff.
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Collection of different plant shapes, colours and morphologies photographed by Jim Haseloff.
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Collection of confocal microscopy images of classically stained plant material from the collection of slides held at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge. Imaging by Jim Haseloff
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Tips for adapting off-the-shelf photographic equipment for extended-focus macro photography of plants.
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Background information about microscopic imaging of plant systems - especially confocal fluorescence microscopy using fluorescent protein markers, and historical development of the tools. Lots of example images from researchers in the Haseloff Lab.
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Information about exhibitions that feature some of the lab's imaging work.