iGEM2010 project: E. glowli

The Cambridge iGEM2010 team worked on regeneration systems for bioluminescence and better, brighter light output, different coloured luciferases, instrumentation for quantitation and modelling the feasibility of using bioluminescent trees as a replacement for street lamps. They also pushed technical boundaries, and promoted the adoption of advanced DNA assembly methods, which have emerged from Daniel Gibson's genome-scale synthesis work at the Venter Institute. The updated Cambridge iGEM2010 wiki is at:

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iGEM 2010 Students
Will Handley: Part 1B (Physics)
Theo Sanderson: Part 1B NST (Genetics)
Peter Emmrich: Part 1B NST (Plant Sciences)
Paul Masset: 3rd year Engineering
Hannah Copley: 2nd year Medicine
Emily Knott: 3rd Year Engineering
Bill Collins: 3rd year Engineering
Benjamin Reeve: Part 1B NST
Anja Hohmann: Part 2 (Biochemistry)