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Teaching resources for courses on plant development and biotechnology.

These pages contain information for a variety of different courses on plant development and biotechnology that are provided by Jim Haseloff at the University of Cambridge. They include slide shows, electronic lecture notes and original references in PDF format. Click the menu choices on the right to navigate to the chosen course. While some illustrative material originates from our own lab, the the bulk of the material is culled from published sources. Additional background information about these and related courses is available from the Department of Plant Sciences website.
Materials for Cambridge courses on plant development, biotechnology and synthetic biology.

Part 1B
Plant and Microbial Sciences
Part 1B
Cell and Developmental Biology
Part 2
Synthetic Biology & Plant Biotechnology

Including: Lecture notes
Tutorial questions
Reading lists
Downloadable PDFs
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Past iGEM projects and student teams based in Cambridge, from 2005 onwards
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Details of the iGEM2016 project (starting July 2016)
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Plant Development course materials for Cell and Developmental Biology 1B (2nd year undergrad course) at the University of Cambridge
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Plant Synthetic Biology course materials for Plant Sciences Part 2 (3rd year undergrad course) at the University of Cambridge
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Café Synthetique: monthly get together to explore Synthetic Biology and Open Technologies at the Panton Arms, Cambridge
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Science Makers: monthly meetings for DIY builders at the Cambridge Makespace
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OpenPlant Fund mini-projects supporting early stage, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional research on open technologies for plant synthetic biology
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Open Instrumentation: resources for teaching practical electronics to biologists