HAP1-CFP enhancer trap scheme
With these new approaches, it is crucial to obtain GAL4-independent markers for precisely monitoring cell fate, and to understand the patterns of gene expression that underlie different cell fates. I believe that recent technical advances will allow both of these objectives to be simply realised. The first part of this proposal describes our general approach and new methods that we have developed. The second part describes a high throughput scheme for rapidly generating a library of Arabidopsis lines that express a cell wall localised form of GFP in specific cell types. These enhancer trap lines will contain a novel transcription factor based on HAP1, similar to a GAL4-based strategy that we have already developed.
The enhancer trap lines will:
(i) provide GAL4-independent GFP markers for cell fate,
(ii) allow precise HAP1-dependent transactivation of genes in Arabidopsis,